Doc Clinic #2: Proposal Writing & Budgeting

Sat 24th Mar 10:00am – 1:00pm

Doc Clinic #2: Proposal Writing & Budgeting

We invite you to join our Doc Clinic #2 on Saturday March 24! Doc Clinics are a great way to get more guidance, insight and knowledge through in-depth talks and workshops from experienced film professionals. The Clinics are supported by the NZ Film Commission primarily focused on preparing filmmakers for the Doc Pitch event in May 2018.

Doc Clinic #2 is aimed at documentary filmmakers who want to improve their proposal writing skills and learn more about preparing a clear budget overview. These are essential skills when submitting a project to Doc Pitch or any other pitching event. You can attend and register for the event by clicking on the registration link below.

The Clinic is dedicated to how to write a strong and compelling story that draws in the audience, how to translate a film story into a written proposal and why this skill is so important. An experienced producer will share valuable tricks and tips in this field.

The Clinic will also cover how to set up a budget, who will read your budget overview and what the most important points are that will need your attention. A film professional with years of experience in the budgeting area will share inside knowledge and will be available for questions.

Alex Clark has 20 years’ experience in developing, directing and producing high-rating and critically acclaimed documentary and docu-drama productions. Alex has been a staff producer at NHNZ and Gibson Group, produced the Fresh Shorts films Coconut (NZIFF, Show Me Shorts) and CLEAVER and has co-produced two independently-financed feature films The Cure and Contract Killers. In 2016 Alex secured a Producer’s Mentorship placement working alongside the Producers of Paramount Pictures Ghost in the Shell as well as co-producing the telefeature Resolve.

Charlotte Purdy is an experienced independent producer and director who has worked in the TV industry for 23 years. Her company, Rogue Productions, makes high-end, factual content as well as drama. Productions of note are Erebus; Operation Overdue (Doc Edge Festival), a multi-award-winning docudrama, The Palace – which gained exclusive access to Parris Goebel and her dance studio and Anika Moa’s entertainment series for MTS and TVNZ.

We encourage students interested in documentary filmmaking to attend the Doc Clinic and screening as well (reduced price ticket with student ID).

Saturday, 24 March 2018 | 10.00am to 1.00pm
University of Auckland, 14A Symonds Street, Lecture Theatre at Arts 1 Building, Room 206-220

What is Doc Pitch
Over the years, Doc Pitch has been a successful platform for documentary projects to boost their filmmaking process and provide them with the support they need. Film professionals present their project and are given the opportunity to meet with interested broadcasters, producers, and other film professionals, that are able to assist them to further develop and complete their projects.

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